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Ezzy the Sloth Sleep Monitor from Whisbear accompanies your baby from the first moments of life. It ensures both the baby’s and the parent’s peaceful sleep. E-zzy the Sloth with an app is the only such product on the market. A soft, plush animal is actually three devices in one: A soothing toy, sleep monitor, and parent assistant.

E-zzy the Sloth Humming Toyfrom Whisbear – it’s the baby’s first friend, there to stay for years. It helps falling asleep by producing a nice noise every child loves: white, pink, or sea waves. The toy can be safely attached to the bed.

Inside the Whisbear humming toy we put a smart device with the CRYsensor feature, managed through an app. After detecting your child’s crying, it automatically reacts by producing one of the three noise types: pink, white or sea waves. It also allows you to adjust the noise’s duration and volume, matching your baby’s needs.
Thanks to the safe Bluetooth SMART technology, the device can be managed remotely via an app installed on your smartphone.

E-zzy the Sloth Sleep Monitor – protects your baby’s peaceful sleep. It notifies the parents when the baby starts crying by sending a CRYalert to the paired mobile device. Simultaneously, the app analyses the baby’s sleep quality by monitoring the pink noise device inside the toy.

Parent’s Assistant E-zzy the Sloth – helps you take care of your baby. It allows you to control your child’s development and helps you manage family calendar. The assistantallows you to note down the upcoming doctor’s visits. It also informs you about the suggested activity in regard to the baby’s age. E-zzy is a comprehensive parent’s guide, full of useful information and advice. It also allows you to share photos on social media.


  • The toy’s battery is charged via the mini USB port.
  • The app informs when the phone goes outside E-zzy’s range.
  • Wash only after removing the pink noise device.
  • The device requires 3 AAA batteries to operate. For safety precautions the batteries are not included. .
  • ECO modelowers power consumption rate.


  • E-zzy the Sloth Sleep Monitor: length with paws 46 cm, width 14 cm, width with paws 56 cm
  • Pink noise device: 9 cm
  • Packaging: 9 x 35 x 16.5 cm

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