Witty Doodle Smart Wall Art

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Stimulating nursery wall art, specially designed to boost your baby's brain power and learning abilities.

Our whimsical wall art is not only cute, fun and very unusual, it is designed to give your child the best stimulation possible using a unique combination of 6 elements scientifically proven to engage babies growing minds and help their visual development:

  • Smiling friendly faces and large eyes are appealing to all young ones
  • Black and white motifs are visually stimulating and easy for your newborn to see
  • Geometric shapes in different sizes offer your growing baby more challenging opportunities for concentration
  • Bold and contrasting colours capture your baby's attention and kindle curiosity
  • Repeating patterns boost your baby's memory development
  • The large main image is big enough for your baby to see even though their sight is not fully developed

We know that your little one will love Witty Doodle decals, but please bear in mind that our stickers are intended as wall decorations and not as toys. Please place your stickers on the wall far out of reach of your baby or child, as they can become a choking hazard.


  • Stimulating nursery wall art, specially designed to boost your baby's brain power and learning abilities: Developed with expert child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer our wall art utilises the latest scientific research to engage growing minds by stimulating curiosity, improving memory and learning, and enhancing their sensory development.
  • Made With Premium Quality Nursery-Friendly Materials: Unlike cheap almost transparent PVC stickers which are made flexible with phthalate plasticisers, our stickers are printed onto child-friendly fine-weave fabric using eco-friendly latex inks, so they are entirely safe and free from solvents, PVC, phthalates and BPA.
  • Easy to Apply: The fabric decals will not tear, crease or stretch, so just peel and stick. Our self-adhesive stickers stay stuck to either paint or wallpaper, but can be easily removed and repositioned with zero damage to the surface, so you can change your wall arrangement as often as you or your baby likes.
  • Size: Our farmyard animals scene featuring a large moo cow, with chicken, lamb and grinning cat covers wall space of approx. 130cm x 70cm. Wall coverage will vary according to arrangement. Great idea to brighten up the walls of a playroom, nursery, bedroom or creche, suitable for boys and girls alike.

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